Al helping load tires at a tire collection event.

Al loves biking and raising awareness of it's benefits.

The Veteran's Memorial at the Township Hall.

Al Prieur has been a resident of Bedford Township for over 37 years and is always ready to help his community when called upon. Al has assisted in various causes in the past such as raising money for bone marrow testing, coaching sports, and raising funds for several kids who needed organ transplants.


During his business career, he also taught business classes and was always willing to help entrepreneurs with advice on businesses.


He has served on several boards in the past ranging from housing with the Monroe County Homebuilders Association to working with minority contractors, just to name a few.

Al is a Board Member on the Lewis Avenue Redevelopment Committee. He helped form a committee to improve Downtown Temperance and encourage development along Lewis Avenue. Little had been done for downtown Temperance in years, but Al helped to obtain a $250,000 grant to improve downtown Temperance. Work was finished in 2019.

Al is currently involved with Junior Achievement, and he helped start the Bedford Green Initiative Committee.


One of his favorite initiatives is increasing the awareness of the benefits of bicycling. He is currently on a task force working on a bike route for bicyclists in Bedford Township, along with creating a bike route to connect all of Monroe County. In 2018, he organized the first Bedford Bike Cruise, which was a success.


Al is a past Board member for the Toledo Council of Area Governments, and a current alternate Executive Board Member for the South Eastern Michigan Council of Governments. He is also a committee member for the Pillars Team,  a group that was formed by the Monroe County Businesses Development Corp. that promotes bringing businesses to the area, entrepreneurship, improving quality of life, and tourism.

In addition, he helped to start and served on the Bedford Township Veterans Committee, which was a launching pad to bring awareness to the plight of our Veterans.


Al is always willing to help. For example, when asked by a local military veteran, why we didn’t have recognition for Bedford Veterans at the Township Hall, Al answered that our community needed that recognition. Al went to Supervisor Paul Pirrone, and Paul said let’s do it. In conjunction with other community members, Al re-did a corner of the Bedford Township Hall to honor our veterans. The memorial at the corner did not cost the taxpayers anything - Al used his own funds and also received donations to make it happen. Al is always willing to help at a moment's notice and loves serving and actively participating in his community.

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