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"Al’s strengths include his business acumen, commitment to the community, communication skills which includes public speaking, and perseverance. Al has shown himself to be a life-long learner with critical thinking skills. This has been evident in his desire to learn as much as he can about a subject or business initiative."

"Al is one of the most hard working, dedicated people I know. He is trustworthy, innovative, an out of the box thinker, and is always keeping a close eye on your tax dollars. His experience in finance and business is top notch and will bring a lot to the position. I would also pledge my full support and endorse this good man."

"I have worked with Al on several committees. He is quick to jump in and settle problems as they arise. He is a strategic thinker and has great communication skills. Al is one of the most understanding , compassionate and hard working men I have ever known. It is an honor to work with Al."

Paula Lipper, Operations Officer at Pinnacle Eye Group and Bedford Resident

Paul Pirrone, Bedford Township Supervisor

Jewel Patton

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